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A revolutionary show to elevate the automotive scene in South Florida by delivering experience, interaction and sustainability. We aim to align automotive manufacturers and their consumers through innovation, technology and education. Collaborating with the vibrant and diverse automotive scene here in South Florida we aim to bring Miami back into the forefront of the automotive scene.

Saturday November 21st 2020

  • 4-6pm VIP/Press/Media Preview

  • 7-10pm VIP Private Gala

Sunday November 22nd 2020

  • 10-3pm Public Show

  • 3-4pm Awards

Invited concept cars


Curating a stunning selection of vehicles compromising of past, present and future designs.

A committee comprised of leaders in the automotive scene, a panel of legendary automotive designers and the introduction of the newest designers showcasing their work with the possibility of bringing their designs to actualization. 

The event will consist of a highly detailed and curated experience which will leave no imagination unturned. A platform to connect designers and innovators and made possible through the generous support of our educational institutions and technology driven sponsors. 

An event for the whole family to enjoy in one of the most stunning cities in the world.

For more information please email: info@supercarrooms.miami

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